Support Services

We can also help you by offering advice, guidance and support with all your employment issues. Other support we can offer includes:

  • Conducting Disciplinary, Capability & Grievance meetings and processes
  • Conducting Restructure and Redundancy meetings and processes
  • Dispute Resolution Procedure – Mediation and Negotiation 
  • Employee Records, HR Stationary & Forms
  • Employee Care Survey
  • Employment Relations Helpdesk
  • Newsletters
  • Performance Management & Appraisals
  • Sickness Absence Management
  • Training & Development
  • Workplace Stress Audit

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Employee Care Survey

As employers rely increasingly on high levels of employee commitment to achieve competitive advantage, the popularity of employee satisfaction or care surveys has increased over recent months and are viewed as an effective tool for assessing both employee morale and commitment.

Internal surveys are becoming ever more popular, and are frequently used to acquire specific data on employee perceptions of fairness, pay systems, training opportunities and staff awareness of an organisation's business strategy and long-term goals.  You can also obtain invaluable feedback and views on subjects such as: the company as a whole, the job role, the team, the business values, the managers, the senior management, and general opinions both good and bad!

The use of questionnaires is the most common method for conducting care surveys, although many organisations are now using a range of methods that can involve individual interviews, group discussions and focus groups. Care surveys can:

  • provide managers with early warning of issues of concern before they lead to major employee relations difficulties;
  • help managers make internal comparison of employee morale and behaviour across a number of departments and sites;
  • solicit employee views on specific personnel policies such as disciplinary and grievance procedures;
  • provide data that can be used in problem-solving, planning and decision-making; and
  • provide an effective communication medium or a sounding board.

As employers intensify their search for greater operational flexibility to gain competitive advantage, high levels of employee commitment become an unquestionable prerequisite for achieving business success. The widespread use of employee care surveys suggests that they are viewed by many managers and business consultants as a useful tool for understanding the likely impact on employee behaviours of a number of key management actions, which can range from initiatives designed to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction to performance-based reward systems.

We can tailor-make a specific Employee Care Survey for you, introduce and publish it to your employees, pilot the survey, offer guidance on completion, collate and report back.  A company confidential Care Survey can also be anonymous if required.   If this is something you would like to consider or discuss further please do not hesitate to Contact Us.